Intermediate User

En este nivel del curso, el alumno irá adquiriendo más fluidez en el idioma al mismo tiempo que el abanico de conocimientos sobre el inglés de los negocios se irá abriendo cada vez más, dándole así más posibilidades de aplicarlo en el area profesional.


  • Company
    • Talk about responsibilities at work
    • Teamwork
    • Talk about services and systems
    • Security at the work place
  • Projects; talk about different types of projects
  • Meetings
    • Ask for and give updates
    • Delegate tasks
    • Explain and ask about changes
    • Respond to others and show interest in their comments
    • Present and discuss plans
    • Making suggestions and recommendation
  • Giving a formal presentation
  • Selling and buying
    • Make and respond to offers
    • Place and handle orders
    • Talk about customer services
    • Manage feedback
    • Logistics and supply chain
    • Ask for further information about a product or service
  • Business travel. Welcome visitors to your place of work
  • Talk about social and leisure time