Pre-Intermediate User

Nivel para alumnos que ya tienen un nivel B1 (Pre-Intermediate), en el que el lenguaje y la gramática va adquiriendo cierta complejidad, pero nada difícil si se le pone ganas y entusiasmo.


  • Company
    • Talk about the company and what they do
    • Talk about employment procedures
    • Describe your job & talk about work activities
  • Make polite requests
  • Make or receive phone calls
  • Practice interrupting or avoid interruption
  • Welcome visitors
  • Presentations
    • Give a personal presentation
    • Present visual information
    • Talk about new products and services
  • Meetings
    • Give a report
    • Discuss progress on projects
    • Ask for and giving opinion
    • Control discussion
    • Talk about new ideas & innovation
  • Costumer services
    • Orders; talk about orders and deliveries
    • Selling; Talk about selling and advertising
    • Respond to complaints
  • Travel
    • Vocabulary
    • Ask for information
    • Describe personal experience